Winter Game Creator

The unique gift.

Why add to the post holiday clutter? Adding another toy to the pile for your kids or another doodad on your coworkers’ desk is just so overly done. Your Secret Santa will receive a fully playable video-game, where the game world is built with them as the star.

Include friend’s and family member’s names in the game to make it a jolly, one-of-a-kind, experience they can cherish forever.


How does holiday
game creator work?

Step 1

With a few clicks, choose from a list of game themes and story lines.

Step 2

Include your friends and family names as characters. Make them a hero, grinch, magician, comical scrooge, or one of many other options.

Step 3

With one click, the game is built and ready to be placed under the digital holiday tree.

Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’d be happy to assist you every step of the way.

How can I download the game?

There’s no need to! After building your game you will be given a link you can easily share. Your game will be played right inside the web browser on any computer or mobile device.

Where and how can the game be played?

The game you create will be playable on any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Do I need any programming skills to build this game?

Absolutely not! Just fill out a short questionnaire, and the game will be created for you.

How will they receive my gift?

You will receive a link you can share with them through email, or online chat.

How many games do I get?

Each purchase lets you create 2 built games to send to loved ones.

Will the game be delivered immediately, or can I have it delivered on a specific day?

We create a shareable link that you can send to them through email at anytime you want.

How long will it take from start to finish?

Most people can create their gift in less than fifteen minutes.

Where and how can the game be created?

After purchase, install Easy Game Creator, fill out the questionnaire, and the program does all of the heavy lifting.

Get Started on your customized video game now.

Ready in 15 minutes, delivered digitally.

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